Reading ‘Oryx and Crake’. Day 5. Pages 305 – 353

We pick up the cue from Snowman’s perspective. He is inside the gatehouse, the twister has gone – he has lost his sense of time. There is something in a corner of the room – a land crab – another spliced bioform? – it has one pincer – possibly designed to tend to gardens – like a living lawn mower.

He finds himself ambushed by pigoons. They display extraordinary intelligence and cunning. Though they may look like pigs, these are extremely efficient predators – pack hunters. 20-30 of them. “Honey, you’re fucked.”

The pigoons use his garbage back (containing the things he picked up from the first house) as bait to lure him out.

He finds food in a kitchenette at the guard house. Also finds a wind up radio. White noise. “Just that sound, like the sound of starlight scratching its way through outer space. kkkkkkkkkk.” He receives a message.


There is a cut on Snowman’s foot. He watches the sunset. He is not very impressed by it. He supposes that the glow of the view screens which would have filled the room when the guards had been there would have been much more impressive.

‘If I’d killed Crake earlier’, thinks Snowman, ‘would it have made any difference.’

So, Snowman was the one who killed Crake?

Snowman escapes on to the rampart of the guard house. He forgets to take the wind up radio.

Chapter 12: Pleebcrawl

How Jimmy was recruited by Crake.  After his mother’s death, Jimmy was not feeling too positive about things. He was slacking off at work and his love life suffered. He believed that he was being exploited by everyone.

Crake: “Nobody wants to be sexless, but nobody wanted to be nothing but sex.”

Crake visited Jimmy at his house and talked about his mother’s death. “Understandable, it was on brainfrizz. Inciting to violence, membership in a banned organization, hampering the dissemination of commercial products, treasonable crimes against society. I guess that last was the demos she was in. Throwing bricks or something. Too bad, she was a nice lady.”

Crake invites Jimmy to visit the pleeblands. They have to take an all purpose vaccine before they go. Pleeblands are full of hot bioforms, those who live there are pretty much immune but the compound population is not.

“The air was worse in the pleeblands, he said. More junk blowing in the wind, fewer whirlpool purifying towers dotted around.” – On air pollution.

Pleeblands are thickly populated.

The Street of Dreams – a genetic engineering destination that can do anything  including altering your body in any imaginable way and also can design children.

While on the visit, Crake offered Jimmy a job at Rejoovenesence.


Jimmy at RejoovenEsence. Cannot come to terms with the infrastructure, the money that has been sunk into building Crake’s Paradice. “What pays for this?” he asks – Crake: “Grief in the face of inevitable death. The wish to stop time, the human condition.”

Konga-lamb – like chickie nobs – kangaroo and lamb.

Crake says: What we are working on is immortality. BlyssPluss – a pill that is prophylactic in nature, that provides immunity against all known diseases, increases libido and also sterilizes you.  “eliminate the external causes of death and you were halfway there” – (to immortality).

The proper study of Mankind is Man.

BlyssPluss was based on animal testing on bonobo monkeys and chimps. There have been failures – people have died – scapegoats – people who are drawn from the poor or from other countries.

Crake: “We (the human race) is running out of space-time.”

Reveals that Paradice is actually MaddAddam – Jimmy is the head honcho. He has recruited all those who had been engaged in ecotage against the Compounds – made a private compound out of them. “What really counted in a research facility was the quality of the brains.”

The people at Paradice are reverential to Crake.  All of them, all of MaddAddam are ‘splice geniuses’.


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