A couple of words on who I am and what this blog is. I am Aravind R Nair, a research scholar at The Institute of EnglishUniversity of Kerala, India. My field is Literature or more specifically science fiction. I’m starting out on a research project (leading to my PhD, hopefully) where I’ll be trying to understand if and how fictional scientists and fictional science are like real scientists and real science.

The period of my study will be two years from 2017 to 2019 during which time I’m on leave from my teaching position at Sacred Heart College, Thevara. I live in Aroor and am married to Sindhuja who is a teacher as well (of Economics). My son, Achu, is two and loves dinosaurs and elephants. 😀

I’m starting this blog to keep track of what I’m reading on a day to day basis and to just hold my thoughts in cache till I can get them down in a more permanent/polished version. I’m not expecting any readers beside myself and I don’t suppose I’ll be sharing links to this site anywhere. But I don’t want to keep my work under wraps either, in the interest of being open access. So in case, you stumble upon this, thanks to some search engine or keyword or just because you typed in some random url which happened to be mine, do drop me a line and we’ll talk.


Aravind R. Nair